Whistle-Blowing Policy

The Company has a whistle-blowing policy to allow staff to raise concerns in confidence to the Lead Independent Director. It makes available the contact details of the Lead Independent Director and sets out the procedures for raising concern or making a complaint and the process of investigation and dealing with the outcome of the investigation.

Employees are free to bring complaints to the attention of their supervisors or the Human Resource Department as they would for any other workplace concerns. The recipient of such complaints shall forward them promptly to the Lead Independent Director. The Group will treat all information received confidentially and protect the identity and the interest of all whistleblowers. Following the investigation and evaluation of a complaint, the Lead Independent Director shall report to the ARMC on recommended disciplinary or remedial action, if any. The action determined by the ARMC shall then be brought to the Board or to appropriate members of senior management for authorisation and implementation respectively.

The policy is communicated to all employees as part of the Group’s efforts to promote awareness of fraud control.

The ARMC confirms that no reports have been received under the whistle-blowing policy thus far.

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